We specialize in content marketing

Content marketing refers to the creation of content that arouses the interest of the audience, so as to convey the message of value and interest to the audience, and ultimately to achieve consumption.

Our extensive experience in professional production, coupled with our own SME Lab platform, makes it easy to create compelling content marketing plans for you.

″Business King″ Advertising Video Package

Business King

Be the king of business

″Business King″ is SME Lab ace show under Come Know. A professional anchor visits your company representative to promote your services and products, enhance your brand, and expand your business.

Exclusive price is only $19,800

Native article ad


Native ads to promote softly

Want consumers to better understand your brand and products? Come Know has an experienced professional creative team to create tailor-made original articles and pictures for you. The content will be published on smelab.com.hk website or Facebook page and reach our 50,000 Members to effectively promote your brand and products.

Exclusive price is only $8,000 up

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Online platform ad

If you want to reach more potential customers, welcome to use our Facebook post ads and banner ads on the SME Lab website to spread your advertising messages more effectively and enhance your chances of successful promotion!

Exclusive price is only $8,000 up

Facebook post ad (including promotion fee)
Image post
Video post
Carousel Post
Gift post

SME Lab website banner ad (2 weeks display)
A. Square ad
B. Rectangle ad
C. Floating ad
D. Carousel ad

*All prices are for reference only, please check us for details.

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