Step 1

Build your corporate image

Brand Strategy

Build your brand in all aspects

Come Know helps you photograph your products and design logos, Powerpoint, name cards, leaflets and establish an attractive brand image.

Corporate Image Design Package

+Name card

$10,000 up
Product shooting
Type Price (Every product)
Non-reflective $150 up
Reflective $600 up

Step 2

Brand video

Video is your best media

Video has been recognized as the best way to promote. You can clearly introduce your company, products or services with lively and interesting content. So that your target audience can understand the advantages of your product, and thus enhance your sales and public goodwill.

Video production package

1 – 2 minutes video
+2 hours shooting
+Director, script, cameraman and lighting
+Basic editing and motion graphic
+Copyright-free music and sound effects
+Chinese subtitles

$13,000 up
Motion graphic production

1 minute video
+Creatives, design & production
+Copyright-free music and sound effects

$10,000 up

Step 3

Company website

Company Website

Own your online foundation

Today, the internet has long been the most important brand advertising channels. A prominent company website can attract customers to know you and trust you. And you can market your products as well. If you qualify for certain qualifications, you can apply for government subsidies.

Website production package

5 pages website
+Chinese writing
+Clean design
+Traditional Chinese and English version
+Self-service web management system and training

Type Price
With online shop $30,000 up
Without online shop $25,000 up

*All prices are for reference only, please check us for details.

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